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I grew up in the southern most part of Louisiana, in a tiny village called Grand Chenier. I grew up in a ranching family and showing livestock. If you don’t know much about the weather in Louisiana, let me give you a little rundown. 85% of the time, it is very hot, and 99.9% of the time, it is extremely humid. When you have that kind of weather, you have to have the right kind of cattle who can take the heat and humidity, and what comes with that…insects.

I grew up showing Brahman cattle, grey and short hair, long ears, with a hump on their backs. Then when I met JR who lives in the Midwest, and also showed cattle and was a farmer/rancher, it was a whole new ballgame when I saw the kind of cattle they have. Their herd has long hair, short ears, and the majority of them are solid black – quite a bit different than what I was used to.

It’s taken me some getting used to, but now I’ve really come around (well, sort of lol) to the haired cattle world. It involves a lot of washing of the show heifers, and blow drying their hair (yes…it sounds crazy because it is crazy!) but it also causes of to have a lot of fun as a family in the barn late at night blasting our favorite country songs and dancing around like crazy people! I wouldn’t have it any other way…well, maybe with a Brahman or two up here.


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