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Sitting in my parents’ living room as the evening sun cascaded through the open windows, I looked around to see what I was surrounded by. To my left, my niece casually sat on the floor constructing the perfect princess tea party, and to my right, my parents laughed and admired her creativity. The lingering aroma of Mom’s gumbo filled the salty marsh air as we sat and relived the day’s events after dinner. Across the room, my brother had fallen asleep in Dad’s chair. We were wrapped in coziness, dressed in pajamas, and it was simply perfect. Oh to have a picture of this exact moment: something to change a fleeting moment into a permanent object that I could hold in my hands and look upon again, reliving the subtle happiness in that room. Something to celebrate that exact split second for years to come, and for generations to come. A photograph that showed us as we were, in that moment. A family.

something to celebrate a split second for years to come, and for generations to come.

Family Portraits

2022 Spring Portraits 

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For investment details and availability, please send a message via the form below. Hour long portrait sessions begin at $500.



Think fun, think timeless, think classic. Props and signs you may have seen online may look dated in your memory book a few years from now. I want to create timeless images.

If you’re thinking of bringing something, think ‘meaningful’ and ‘classic’ - a family quilt to sit on, your letter jacket to throw on, your baseball glove and a ball.


Should we bring props or chairs to our photos?


What to wear, or more appropriately, what not wear! Stick to one great outfit, two if you simply can’t decide. Wardrobe changes take time out of our limited lighting time.

When you're picking out your outfits for the day, make sure you wear clothes that you feel good in. If you need some inspiration, we send over a Pinterest board with some of our favorite outfit ideas that photograph well.


What should we wear? 


The sooner the better! Most of my weekends are booked many months in advance due to weddings. Busy seasons mean I may have less availability, so I recommend scheduling any portrait sessions at least three months in advance.


How far in advance should we book?


If Mister Golden Sun is our lighting guy, think of Mother Nature as the one in charge of our set dressing. Rain, snow, excessive wind, or muddy conditions may mean we have to reschedule. In that case, we’ll make the call early enough for you to cancel any hair/makeup appointments ahead of time and work together to select a new date. To accommodate reschedules, I keep a few dates open per month.


What do we do if it rains? Do we schedule another date?



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